q: How many servings in a Keg?
a: 150-16oz servings.

q: How many servings in a Pony Keg?
a: 60-16oz.

q: How many servings in a bottle of wine?
a: Using our glasses, 6-7.

q: Can I provide my own alcohol?
a: No.

q: Is liquor available?
a: No, we only offer Beer, Wine & Champagne.

q: What is the width of ledge around SW wall?

q: What are the table runner sizes?
a: Vertical Table Runner size 82”. Runner size for Antique Buffet 115”.

q: How many lights are on the back patio?
a: 14.

q: How many available parking spots are there?
a: 18.

q: What is the House wine label?
a: Sycamore Lane.

q: What is the sound equipment?
a: Auxillary connection to system & wireless microphone.

q: Is there a projector & screen available?
a: Yes.

q: What is the room capacity?
a: 250.

q: What is the available seating inside?
a: 130.

q: What is the available seating outside?
a: Ceremony seating is 215. Patio seating for dining is 100.

q: What color is the dishware?
a: White.

q: What is the uniform for staff/servers?
a: Staff/servers are dressed in all Black with Bistro Apron.

q: Is a deposit required to hold your date?
a: Yes, which is half of the room rental.

q: How many do the tables seat?
a: 8 to 10 per table.

q: May I use outside catering?
a: No.

q: Can they use our kitchen?
a: Yes, with refundable deposit and set fee.

q: Can I bring in Cakes?
a: Yes.

q: DJ or Band allowed?
a: Yes.

q: Can we raise the blinds on the top windows?
a: No.

q: What are the furniture measurements?
a: 8’ Table Measurements:
8’L x 32 ½”W
6’ Table Measurements: 6’L x 25 ½”W
Dining Table Measurements:
Single = 48”L x 29 ½”W x 28 ½”T
2 Together = 48”L x 59”W x 28 ½”T
Café Table Measurements:
25 ½” x 25 ½”
Round Table Measurements: 42”Diameter
Antique Buffet Measurements:
86 ½”L x 18 ½”W
Butcher Block Measurements:
28”L x 30”W X 36”T

Serving Cart Measurements:
48 ¼”L x 24 ¼” W x 36 ¼” T
Fireplace Ledge Measurements:
146”L x 23 ½”W
Fireplace Measurements:
40” W x 20 ½” T
Fireplace Storage Measurements:
39 ½” W x 20 ½” T
Silver Cake Stand Measurements:
18”L 18x”W 6x”T


q: What is the furniture inventory?
a: 12 - Dining Table Sets
5 - 8’ Tables
4 - 6’ Tables
6 - Café Tables
13 -Metal Round Tables
4 - Serving Carts
1 - Butcher Block
1 - Antique Buffet
130 – Wooden Chairs & 150 Wooden Ceremony Chairs
60- Metal Chairs